1. Can my friends watch me get Pierced/Tattooed?
    For Piercing appointments we can only allow 1 parent/guardian accompany you to the Piercing room, should you be under the age of 18. All other Piercing clients must be prepared to be Pierced alone. For Tattoo appointments we do allow 1 guest to accompany you to the Tattoo room for the duration of your appointment. All other entourage members must wait quietly in our waiting area. We do kindly ask that all cell phones be turned off, or switched to silent, and that you refrain from recording or photographing any procedures.
  2. Can I bring my child?
    We do request that all children under the age of 13 have alternate arrangements for care while a parent, guardian, or sibling are receiving their Body Modification. If you attempt to bring a child into the studio, you will kindly be asked to find other arrangements for the child. Please oblige.
  3. Do I need to have a drawing of my Tattoo?
    No.  A base idea works best. You can show us photographs for reference of the subject matter, but a complete design & any drawing for your specific and custom Tattoo is included in the price of your deposit.
  4. How much will my Tattoo cost?Once we have an idea for your Tattoo and where on your body you would like to place it, we can give you an estimate on the amount of time your Tattoo will take to complete, and the cost.
  5. Can I get a Tattoo I saw on Pinterest or Instagram?Your new Tattoo will come out best and be the most unique if you form a basic idea, or a list of things you like. We cannot copy a Tattoo exactly (that’s stealing), and we’d love to take your ideas and make them original for you!
  6. Should I tip my Tattoo Artist?Hell yes you should. Tattooists operate under the same type of employment as a Hair Salon. Your tips are greatly appreciated by your Artist, and you should tip according to how pleased you are with your new Tattoo.
  7. Can I get a Tattoo/Piercing while sick or intoxicated?
    Under no circumstances will we Tattoo you if you are sick or intoxicated by any substance. No exceptions. If you attempt to get a tattoo while you are ill you will be even more uncomfortable and/or stressed during the procedure. We operate under clean sterile conditions, and other Tattoo/Piercing clients, and our Artists, should not be exposed to your germs. Same goes for a sick/intoxicated friend that may want to accompany you. Being ill will also inhibit the healing process and cause a less than desirable effect. An intoxicated client will also bleed much more causing the process to be difficult for the Tattoo Artist/Piercer and will negatively affect how your Body Modification heals, which may require an out-of-pocket paid touch-up. For these reasons we will deny your request for a Body Modification until you are well and/or sober.
  8. Where can I find pictures of Tattoos for ideas?
    The best way to find a reference photograph for your Tattoo is to look at actual photographs of your subject matter, and NOT photographs of other Tattoos. A Google or Bing search should yield enough reference imagery to get you started.
  9. Can I shave over my Tattoo, or go tanning?
    Refrain from shaving or tanning over your new Tattoo for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks. Performing either of these things will alter the look of your new Tattoo within those few weeks. Once your Tattoo is healed you may continue your shaving routine. If you must continue to tan, cover the Tattoo completely, and apply liberal amounts of sun block in all other instances should skin be exposed to sunlight.
  10. Do you do cover-ups?
    Yes. For any Tattoo to be considered a good candidate for a cover-up, we must first see the pre-existing Tattoo for a consultation. Please do not come in with a specific idea and plan for execution. A basic idea may work, but you must be open to suggestions from us to make your cover-up actually cover the pre-existing Tattoo correctly.
  11. Will my Tattoo/Piercing hurt?
    Yes. We encourage our clients to understand that some form of pain will be involved in their procedure and be prepared to relax and hold still for the duration. Any movements, jerks, or sudden twitching can cause alterations in the appearance of your Tattoo/Piercing. Most people believe one side of their body is more sensitive than the other, and different body parts may be more painful than others, but this opinion also changes from person to person. If a friend/relative tells you what you are going to do will not hurt, do not trust that opinion, because your body and pain tolerance is unique to you. The same is true if a friend/relative tells you something will be excruciating. Be aware that pain will be involved and if you chose to get a Tattoo/Piercing be dedicated to the process until completion.
  12. Can I cancel/reschedule my Tattoo appointment without losing my deposit?
    Please take our schedules into consideration. If you need to reschedule, please do so prior to 48 hours before your appointment. We understand in some instances and emergency may arise, but in all other instances once you book an appointment you’re making a commitment to be here. In the event of an emergency we allow up to 2 re-schedules without loss of your deposit. If you are a no-show you will lose your deposit.
  13. Can I barter or negotiate the price of my Tattoo?
    No, in the same way we cannot barter or negotiate our rent, or car payments. (Exceptions made for BMW related offers.)
  14. Can I get a Piercing/Tattoo underage?
    Yes and no. Our shop and employees are covered by insurance, which does not extend to minors seeking a Tattoo. Under no circumstances will we Tattoo a minor, even if you have your parents permission and legal documentation. Please do not argue with us or try to change our minds. We cannot risk losing our policy to Tattoo you. If you have been Tattooed elsewhere, they do not have insurance or the same type of policy that we carry.Piercing age requirements:13 yrs + : Ear Piercings, Nostril, Navel
    16 yrs + : Eyebrow, Lip, Labret, Monroe18yrs + : Genital, Nipple, Dermal Anchors, Tongue
  15. What are the shop and employee qualifications?
    Both girls have over 10 years in professional art fields including professional drawing, Tattooing, and design, and have undergone lengthy apprenticeship programs. They draw over 80 hours a week, during business hours, and while at home for work and for leisure. They are trained and knowledgeable in actual techniques for each style they use on a daily basis. Their training is not solely based on “natural talent” or “hit-or-miss”, but is grounded in skill that has been learned and yields consistent results.
  16. Can I have an apprenticeship or an Artist Position?
    Although we are not currently hiring, we wouldn’t mind taking a look at your portfolio during a pre-determined time. Please send us an email requesting an appointment and attach your resume and references if you have one. Please make sure you do have an appropriate portfolio showcasing different Tattoo styles, done in a typical flash drawing format.
  17. Should I shower/shave prior to my appointment?
    Absolutely, 100% yes, take a shower somewhere in the 24 hour time period before your Tattoo appointment. Wear clean clothing. If you would prefer to pre-shave over the area that you are getting your Tattoo you are welcome to do so, taking extra care not to knick your skin, or cause irritation. If you are uncomfortable doing so we have no problem shaving the area for you, which is standard practice.
  18. Are all of the Tattooing/Piercing instruments clean?
    Most items we use are pre-sterilized single use disposables. Our needles are pre-sterilized, and only opened immediately before we begin to Tattoo you. They are single use and disposed of immediately following the completion of your appointment in a sharps container, and later disposed of as any other medical waste would be. Our tubes and grips that house the needles while their running on our machines are used on you only, and then disassembled, ran through an ultrasonic machine to remove ink, then scrubbed, and then sterilized in our on-site autoclave.
  19. What if I feel sick during my Tattoo?
    Please tell us immediately. We can take a break; provide you with candy, juice, or water, and an ice pack. If you feel you cannot continue, we can re-schedule your Tattoo for a smaller time-slot until you become more aware of what you can handle in a single sitting. Some Tattoo designs vary on how easily they can be re-visited which would be an important factor should you need to end your appointment.
  20.  What should I expect with a new Tattoo?
    Following your Tattoo appointment, the Tattooed and surrounding areas may be red, swollen, and/or sore. This is normal. Your Tattoo Artist will clean the new Tattoo, and bandage you with a clear Tatu-Derm bandage which will encourage a speedy healing process. This bandage should remain over your Tattoo for 24 hours. It is most easily removed under running water, such as in a shower, pulling it downwards – slowly, and not ripped off like a band-aid. You should then immediately wash the Tattoo gently with an antibacterial, unscented soap. Do not rub a towel over it to dry it. Pat it dry with clean, disposable paper towels. Follow up with 4-5 light layers of Aquaphor throughout each day until your tattoo is healed. Your skin may peel or scab in the days and weeks following. The better you take care of your Tattoo the better it will appear once it is healed. Do not pick off any peeling skin or scabs. Do not touch or scratch the Tattoo. As your skin heals, it may become very itchy.
  21. Do I need to disclose medical information to my Artist?
     Yes. It is extremely important that we are aware of any relevant medical history. This includes medical conditions, medications you are currently taking, communicable diseases, and allergies.
  22. How does weight loss/gain, lifting weights/working out affect my Tattoo?                                                                                        Any alteration to your body mass may affect the appearance/position of your tattoo. Stretch marks and scars will also alter the appearance of your Tattoo.
  23. Can I get a “White Tattoo”?
    White Tattoos garnered much attention in the past few years. Although they initially look like a faint, subtle Tattoo, the white ink will not hold crisp clean lines as it heals. A healed white Tattoo also may appear to be a scar and not a Tattoo. Because we cannot guarantee the quality of these types of Tattoos from using only white ink we do not offer these Tattoos.
  24. Are there any Tattooing regulations in the state of Pennsylvania?
    No, but our studio follows detailed guidelines set forth by the CDC and RedCross. Legally there is no licensing or specific requirements, which is why there are so many Tattoo Parlors in existence that do not follow these guidelines. Please do research on any shop or parlor that you are contemplating receiving a Tattoo/Piercing from. Under no circumstances should you receive a Tattoo/Piercing from a “Tattoo Party” or in someone’s home.
  25. Can you pierce my baby’s ears?
    No. Although many Piercing stands will offer ear Piercing to children under the age of 13, we highly discourage this practice. It is painful, unnecessary, and the level of aftercare and cleanliness cannot be completely ensured on a child. Body jewelry also presents a choking hazard and we would urge you to reconsider giving consent to allowing anyone to pierce your child’s ears until they can provide their own consent at the age of 13.
  26. What is the best time of year to get a Tattoo?
    All year Be aware that excessive sweating without washing; exposure to the sun or a tanning bed; swimming in a pool, lake, ocean, or any other body of water in the weeks following a newly done Tattoo/Piercing can inhibit the healing process and promote an infection and alter the appearance of your body modification.

    Shoes or clothing that rub against a Tattoo/Piercing can alter the appearance of your body modification.
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